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A young woman returns home to bear an illegitimate child, and witnesses an environmental accident involving a genetically modified crop of corn. Doubted by the community she has returned to, she questions her own sanity as she tries to discover what is happening. Her journey takes her on a trip down the food chain, as she tracks a potentially life threatening byproduct from the cornfield to the supermarket. Ultimately, she has to confront psychological demons that haunt her as she grows into motherhood, and comes to terms with her own biology. Tapping into cultural myths of food, fertility, birth and sacrifice, CORN is a chilling look at what we put in our mouths and our babies' mouths, and the convergence of Science and Mother Nature.

Title : Corn

Year : 2004

Runtime : 97

Release Dates: 2004-10-26


Actors :

Jena MaloneasEmily Rasmussen
Pamela GrayasRachel
Peter McRobbieasPeder Gleck
Jamie HarroldasFrank
Libby LangdonasCallie Treadwell

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